14 February, 2016

On relative pleasure...

“There is pleasure when a sore is scratched, 
But to be without sores is more pleasurable 
still. Just so, there are pleasures in worldly 
desires, But to be without desires is more 
pleasurable still.”

"Precious Garland"

12 February, 2016

Hard lessons...great learning!

“Whenever anything negative happens to you, there is a deep lesson concealed within it, although you may not see it at the time.”

Eckhart Tolle

11 February, 2016

Quite so...

"You cannot have a happy ending to an unhappy journey."

Esther Hicks (Abraham)

09 February, 2016

08 February, 2016

Black Elk

“But now that I can see it all as from a lonely hilltop, I know it was the story of a mighty vision given to a man too weak to use it; of a holy tree that should have flourished in a people’s heart with flowers and singing birds, and now is withered; and of a people’s dream that died in bloody snow.”

Black Elk speaks
The life story of a holy man of the Ogalala Sioux

02 February, 2016

Real Dharma realm...

“Men are afraid to forget their minds, fearing to fall through the Void with nothing to stay their fall. They do not know that the Void is not really void, but the realm of the real Dharma.”
Huang Po

“Zen Teaching of Huang Po”

01 February, 2016

Simple wisdom...

“If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.” 

Booker T. Washington

29 January, 2016

Shantideva wisdom...

"And those who have no mental vigilance, though they may hear the teachings, ponder them or meditate, with minds like water seeping from a leaking jug, their learning will not settle in their memories."


28 January, 2016

Pain and No pain...

“The king said: ‘He who will not be reborn [one who is enlightened], Nâgasena does he still feel any painful sensation?’ The Elder replied: ‘Some he feels and some not.’ ‘Which are they?’ ‘He may feel bodily pain, O king; but mental pain he would not’ ‘How would that be so?’ ‘Because the causes, proximate or remote, of bodily pain still continue, he would be liable to it. But the causes, proximate or remote, of mental agony having ceased, he could not feel it. For it has been said by the Blessed One: “One kind of pain he suffers, bodily pain: but not mental.”


27 January, 2016

Human and Spiritual beings...

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. 
We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” 

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

25 January, 2016

Cultivating good

"Abandon wrongdoing. It can be done. If there were no likelihood, I would not ask you to do it. But since it is possible and since it brings blessing and happiness, I do ask of you: abandon wrongdoing. Cultivate doing good. It can be done. If it brought deprivation and sorrow, I would not ask you to do it. But since it brings blessing and happiness, I do ask of you: cultivate doing good."

Anguttara Nikaya

24 January, 2016

Lao Tzu: Tao Te Ching

“Simplicity, patience, compassion.
These three are your greatest treasures.
Simple in actions and thoughts, 
you return to the source of being.
Patient with both friends and enemies,
you accord with the way things are.
Compassionate toward yourself,
you reconcile all beings in the world.” 

22 January, 2016

On true essence....

"I am going to venture that the man who sat on the ground in his tipi meditating on life and its meaning, accepting the kinship of all creatures, and acknowledging unity with the universe of things was infusing into his being the true essence of civilization."

Luther Standing Bear, 
Oglala Lakota Sioux (1868-1939)

20 January, 2016

Black Elk Speaks: A Holy Man of the Oglala Sioux

“Crazy Horse dreamed and went into the world where there is nothing but the spirits of all things. That is the real world that is behind this one, and everything we see here is something like a shadow from that one.”

Black Elk

17 January, 2016

Charter for compassion....

"We... call upon all men and women to restore compassion to the centre of morality and religion ~ to return to the ancient principle that any interpretation of scripture that breeds violence, hatred or disdain is illegitimate ~ to ensure that youth are given accurate and respectful information about other traditions, religions and cultures ~ to encourage a positive appreciation of cultural and religious diversity ~ to cultivate an informed empathy with the suffering of all human beings—even those regarded as enemies."

The above words are taken from the Charter for Compassion. It is evident that we live in complicated and troubled times but the Charter and the work of the Charter is about bringing us back to respecting and honoring those with whom we live. The Charter is about civility-acting with consideration and care--towards others. The Charter is about hope and building peace.

As we approach the holiday season and the advent of a New Year let us all recommit to the words and intent of the Charter.

With gratitude for all of the good works you do for others, and in appreciation for what you have given to the Charter.


Marilyn Turkovich, Director

Charter for Compassion International


Albert Einstein on technology...

"It has become appallingly obvious that our 
technology has exceeded our humanity".

Albert Einsten,

11 January, 2016

Black Elk Speaks...

“And while I stood there I saw more than I can tell and I understood more than I saw; for I was seeing in a sacred manner the shapes of all things in the spirit, and the shape of all shapes as they must live together like one being.”

09 January, 2016

Achieving harmony...

"Every time you want something and achieve vibrational harmony with it and allow it to come to you, you not only gain the satisfaction of having accomplished your desire, you also gain a whole new perspective from which to desire."

Esther Hicks (Abraham)

(Please visit this brilliant author's site and genuine exponent of the Law of Attraction. These teachings contain and reflect great practical wisdom.)