17 April, 2014

The act of giving

“Giving simply because it is right to give, without thought of return, at a proper time, in proper circumstances, and to a worthy person, is sattvic giving. Giving with regrets or in the expectation of receiving some favor or of getting something in return is rajasic. Giving at an inappropriate time, in inappropriate circumstances, and to an unworthy person, without affection or respect, is tamasic.” 

Bhagavad Gita 

(Giving should be a pure act, completely untainted by any expectation of any return. The purest type of giving is that motivated by a compassionate heart to those deserving of such giving and needing it).

16 April, 2014

On the danger of eloquence...

“In a war of words none can defeat an eloquent man who never succumbs to fear or confusion. Upon finding men whose forceful speech is couched in cogent and enchanting ways, the world swiftly gathers around. Unaware of the artful use of a few flawless words, men become enamoured with excessive syllables. Men who cannot communicate their knowledge to others resemble a bouquet of unfragrant flowers in full bloom.”


15 April, 2014

Total Lunar Eclipse April 15, 2014 by Carol Ann Ciocco

(ED: I am taking the liberty of referring the following helpful article which I believe is worth a reflection given the importance of this event relative to Manifestation. The author and the link are provided below).

Photo credit: Rick Meining via http://spaceweathergallery.com/

In Buddhist tradition, eclipses are observed as high holy days because they amplify our prayers and intent exponentially. What we hold in our thought and intention at these times reverberates throughout time, space and all dimensions. 

The core of the vortex opens with the Full Moon on April 15, which is a Total Lunar Eclipse. And it closes on Tuesday April 29 with the New Moon, a partial Ring of Fire (Annular) Solar Eclipse. In between, on April 20-21 (Easter occurs on April 20), we have a Cross in the sky with placeholders in key energy points for manifestation.

The *message, energy, breakthrough, breakdown, insight, shift, light blast* etc. that the current vortex offers you will most likely surface by April 29 (the second eclipse) and continuing through mid-May, when the Eclipse Portal fully closes.

A deeper picture will emerge, however, as we enter into another Total Lunar Eclipse on October 8, 2014, with the total 'download' completing in September 2015. This is because next week's eclipse is part of a group of 4 eclipses, known as a Tetrad. It kicks off a ricochet of energy, fueled by the Cross of Creation. (See below for more information on the Tetrad eclipse series.)



What to focus on if you are overwhelmed or want to glide through this month easily:

FIRST: Your INTENT is what matters now. Never mind the details or the 'how'. If you do nothing else, or read no further, simply set your intent for the changes you would like to make in your life. The key is to focus on the changes THAT WILL HELP YOU TO BETTER SERVE HUMANITY AND EARTH. And allow the river to carry you forward to the perfect outcome. Our path of service is also the path to joy, meaning, fulfilment and the taking on of more light (enlightenment).

ALSO, please be gentle with yourself right now. During lunar eclipses, emotions heighten, with an intensified lack of clarity, transparency or cause. Every Total Lunar Eclipses is a FULL MOON, and the Full Moon has a tidal pull on our watery or emotional level. The Total Lunar Eclipse tends to bring our focus into the body and into our subconscious. Deep emotions are being stirred and revealed.

Total Lunar Eclipse - Red or Orange

On Tuesday April 15 at 3:42am EDT, we will have a Full Moon which is a Total Lunar Eclipse (TLE). It will occur at 25 degrees of Aries (Sun) / 25 degrees of Libra (Moon).

During a Total Lunar Eclipse, the Earth's shadow falls upon the Moon, and as this occurs the Moon's color may change to a striking red. This is why some call the TLE a 'blood moon.' This does not mean it's ominous, and it is not apocalyptic, as many have been speculating on the internet.

Dark eclipses are caused by volcanic gas and dust which filters and blocks much of the Sun's light from reaching the Moon. In fact, although a TLE can be red, it is not possible to predict the color or the exact brightness of it. Sometimes it is orange, sometimes it's a (disappointing!) dull brown. On a few rare occasions a Total Lunar Eclipse has taken on a turquoise hue; again, depending on the atmospheric conditions of earth.

Astronomers are predicting that the April 15 TLE will be typical, ie orange or red: "Although Indonesia's Mount Kelud has undergone recent volcanic eruptions, it has not produced enough dust and gas to significantly darken April's eclipse. Expect the total phase to appear bright red or orange, which is typical." - Fred Espenak http://ow.ly/vGcFY

It's always interesting to find out exactly what color the Total Lunar Eclipse ends up displaying. The color it reveals to us is a part of not only the mystery and beauty of a TLE experience, but also part of the metaphysical experience and the energetic *message* if we choose to tune into it.

Consider that the light you see on the Moon during a Total Lunar Eclipse comes from all the sunrises and sunsets that are occurring around Earth at the time. Our atmosphere scatters and refracts (bends) the sunlight that grazes the rim of our globe, sending some of it into Earth's shadow.

And if you were an astronaut standing on the Moon, you would see a multi-colored Total Solar Eclipse - the Sun covered up by a dark Earth ringed all around with a thin, brilliant band of sunset- and sunrise-colored light. This video from Kurdistan Planetarium provides an animation of of what the April 15 TLE would look like from the perspective of the MOON (see 2:04):

Timeline and Viewing

This Total Lunar Eclipse will be visible over most of North America and Hawaii. South America will also see this eclipse. Observers in the western Pacific will miss the first half of the eclipse because it occurs before moonrise. Likewise most of Europe and Africa experience moonset just as the eclipse begins. None of the eclipse is visible from north/east Europe, eastern Africa, the Middle East or Central Asia. (NASA)

A Total Lunar Eclipse engages us and invites us in to the experience. I.e. it is always safe to look at the Moon during a Total Lunar Eclipse (in contrast with a Total Solar Eclipse, when it is Never safe to look at the Sun)

The entire eclipse experience lasts approximately 3.5 hours. It begins at 1:58 am EDT on April 15 (9:58 pm PDT on April 14). And the entire event will end at 5:33 am EDT (2:33 am PDT).

If you are in the viewing area (and weather permitting!) and want to experience the full event, plan to take a nap earlier in the day/evening, grab some snacks and a blanket, and go outside just before 2 a.m. You will see the Moon just a little west of due south.

Here are the details/timing:

As the event begins at 1:58 am EDT, the Moon will begin to slide into the shadow of the Earth (this is a partial lunar eclipse, which kind of looks like a Pac-man:)

Then the Total eclipse begins at 3:07 am EDT.

The Total phase will last nearly 77 minutes (1 hour, 17 minutes and 48 seconds). This is slightly longer than the USA's last total lunar eclipse on December 21, 2010 which lasted 72 minutes.

The peak moment of greatest Totality (i.e. when the moon is completely in shadow) occurs at 3:46 am EDT.

Then Totality ends at 4:25 am EDT.

The eclipse will continue (as a partial lunar eclipse) until 5:33 am EDT.

NOTE: You may not be able to stay awake for the entire experience from 2 am EDT to 5:30 am (ie if you have to be at work at 7 or 8am for instance!); but seeing Totality is quite special, so you may want to set your alarm for about 3 am EDT, and stay up until about 4:30 am to catch the best of it.

Here are some photos of the December 21, 2010 TLE which was seen over the United States, to give you an idea of what the phases look like: http://ow.ly/vGcWv

77 minutes

The Totality of the April 15 Total Lunar Eclipse is 77 minutes. The number 77 is a very spiritual number!

"The 77 is known as the number of the Christ-consciousness because the word Christ has 77 as its full number. Jesus was the 77th in the line of ancestry. Some words that vibrate to the number 77 are: Power, Glory, Stars, Abundant. The true 7 is spiritual, and radiates 'spiritual quality' (a phrase which adds up to 77)". - Shirley Blackwell Lawrence

This energy of the 77 is a good point for meditation during Totality from 3:07 am EDT to 4:25 am EDT, with the peak at 3:46 am.

THIS ECLIPSE VIBRATES TO A VERY HIGH LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS. It is multi-dimensional, filled with the energy of the stars, and abundant.

Tetrad (4)

The April 15 2014 Total Lunar Eclipse begins what's known as a lunar eclipse TETRAD - a series of 4 consecutive Total Lunar Eclipses occurring at approximately six month intervals:

April 15, 2014
Oct. 8, 2014
April 4, 2015
Sept. 28 2015

Interestingly, all of the TLE's in the 2014-2015 tetrad are visible from all or parts of the USA. I.e. the United States is a key recipient of the energies of this eclipse series.

A TETRAD. Hm, that's the number 4, and brings to mind the TETRA-HEDRON, one of the basic building blocks of life regarding sacred geometry. Last year we had a beautiful Star of David in the heavens which was a Star Tetrahedron.

The TETRAD or FOUR is important - our attention is being drawn to the number 4 and its mystical qualities, in addition to the number 7 as described above. They are both very spiritual numbers.

The number 4 is the number of the angels.

There will be 9 Tetrads in the 21st century. After our current cycle of 2014-2015, the next Tetrad will occur in 2032. This makes the Tetrad seem common.

But there were only two Tetrads in the 20th century (1967-1968 and 1949-1950.) And there were only 3 in the last 500 years. In addition, from the years 1600-1900 there were no Tetrads at all.

So it seems that the Tetrad is a bit of a 21st century-focused initiation. It is more about the future than the past. It is a particular alchemy for the gateway to the Aquarian energies beginning to seat now. What is the esssence of the Tetrad? Tune into it as it dawns on April 15.

You can watch a video from NASA describing the Tetrad eclipse series here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gzgSuJM5O8

Spica & Mars - Blue and Red

Two celestial bodies will be especially noticeable at the time of the Total Lunar Eclipse. The bright blue star Spica is very close to the moon, and so is the gleaming red planet, Mars. The two together at the same time that the Full Moon is eclipsed into red/orange will make for a very spectacular sight! Below is a picture of what Mars and Spica look like in the sky right now (click for a larger view) and click here for some info on this conjunction: http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap140402.html

Spica and Mars hold the energy of the masculine/feminine dichotomy. Mars is associated with the Masculine. It is representative of our learning process in how to process anger and fear, and is a warrior hero who transforms the world when the energy is channeled properly.

Mars is Retrograde and in Libra right now, which gives it a special role to play in the dance of April 2014. Libra is about balance and also about relationships.

Spica is the brightest star in the constellation Virgo, and so is associated with the Great Goddess, or Feminine consciousness.

In addition, Spica is a close binary star whose components orbit about each other every 4 days. Note the number 4, as it is present in the symbology for the Tetrad (4) eclipse series as described above.

Since Spica rotates on a cycle of 4 days, this eclipse will open a portal to the energies emanating from Spica which will last for 4 days.

Time Warp

Total Lunar Eclipses are an opportunity to witness all the phases of the Moon, from Full Moon to Full Moon, in about 3½ hours. This is a rapid acceleration that collapses what is normally about a 30 day cycle to just over 3 hours, and it is a big part of the nature of the vortex of a Total Lunar Eclipse.

If you could fast-forward 30 days from now, what would you like to see yourself doing differently, what would you like to change? It's like a tiny wormhole or time jump. Instant manifestation. A door closes and a new one opens in a brief three-hour time span.

Inner Stillness...

“When you lose touch with inner stillness, you lose touch with yourself. When you lose touch with yourself, you lose yourself in the world. Your innermost sense of self, of who you are, is inseparable from stillness. This is the I Am that is deeper than name and form.”

Eckhart Tolle

14 April, 2014


"The greatest unexplored territory is the space between our ears."

William O' Brian

12 April, 2014


Men go abroad to wonder at the heights of mountains, at the huge waves of the sea, at the long courses of the rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motion of the stars and they pass by themselves without wondering.

St Augustine

11 April, 2014


Compassion is the essence of human beings.
Compassion can remove our faults.
Compassion is the jewel heart of courageous ones.
Compassion is the root of buddha.
Compassion can improve our worldly lives.
Compassion can benefit ourselves and others.

To practice compassion is very important.

Phakchok Rinpoche

10 April, 2014


'All things that truly matter - beauty, love, creativity, 
joy, inner peace - arise from beyond the mind.'

Eckhart Tolle

09 April, 2014

The Trials Of Initiation by Julian Colgan

Frantically running through a bleak and
seemingly unending tunnel
of resentful feelings,
none of what I have accomplished
in terms of spiritual development
is enough to pacify
the raging storm that is samsara.

Lost amidst the crashing waves
of social unrest and cultural dormancy,
it is as if no one can hear
the sorrowful cries of all sentient beings.

Undergoing the trials of initiation,
the masters of the buddha dharma
are hesitant to unleash what 
is profoundly wise to 
the profoundly ungrateful.

Witnessing all of my erroneous 
thoughts, emotions and actions
flashing as quickly 
as a thousand thunder bolts,
the only thought that keeps me on
track is the thought of sustained self improvement.

Pushing myself to the limits of existence,
compassion is the healing medicine
needed for all of my past mistakes.

Regressing to the point
of insignificant forms of consciousness,
I was a drop of water
from the Himalayan mountains
and a grain of sand
in the sea of endless confusions.

Eating worms as a bird
and animals while a human,
when will I stop consuming other
sentient beings in order to 
fuel my own minute energy levels.

Climbing out of these animalistic propensities,
one day the Buddha dharma will be mine.

Engaged in awakening others
from samsara's trance,
the sound of enlightenment
manages to soothe my troubled 
and tormented mind.

Ringing and vibrating like an avalanche,
my sense of reality crumbles
each time my lama
enunciates the words of the Buddha.

Emanating with the wisdom rays
of sky like liberation,
the intelligence of sincerity
is equal to the blossoming of
the mind of awakening.

by Julian Colgan (Copyright)
Awake to Buddhahood

08 April, 2014


“Seek refuge in the attitude of detachment and you will amass the wealth of spiritual awareness. Those who are motivated only by desire for the fruits of action are miserable, for they are constantly anxious about the results of what they do. When consciousness is unified, however, all vain anxiety is left behind. There is no cause for worry, whether things go well or ill. Therefore, devote yourself to the disciplines of yoga, for yoga is skill in action.”

Bhagavad Gita